2020 is your Setup, not your Setback!

by | Oct 20, 2020 | Faith, Women | 2 comments

Do you ever wonder what made Peter want to get out of the boat in the middle of a storm? I do. Peter often did things that didn’t make sense. After fishing all night, and catching NOTHING.

Peter willingly threw the net that he had already begun washing back in the water! You ever willingly let your kids go play in the mud after taking a bath? Probably not. Peter was just like you and me in the aspect that he just wanted to follow Jesus.

My question for you today is how far are you willing to follow him?

Before you answer that, I will tell you a little about me. I’m Megan, a wife of 5 years, a mother of 3 toddlers, and I share an 11-year-old with another amazing mom. I always had the desire to be close to Jesus. But I didn’t always live for him. But God being God he saw the potential in me even when I didn’t. He opened doors for me to gain new skills, and grow in my line of work.

Like Peter, I always knew I was destined for more. It didn’t matter how successful I appeared to be. I could still feel it in my bones that my skills had a greater purpose.

You may be wondering. How does she know Peter wasn’t satisfied in his line of work? Because a man who is content doesn’t leave everything he has worked for behind at the drop of a dime. Peter was waiting for an opportunity to walk in his true purpose.

After graduating with a bachelor’s in marketing I went back to work in corporate. I got a job in the energy industry in Houston where I live and while it was most people’s dream job. All I wanted to do was share the gospel, pray for people, and pour into them. Marketing was cool and all, but I just knew I was destined for more.

You see, after losing two babies due to premature labor, and going on a journey with God that defeated all the odds. I needed everyone to know how good my God was. I was waiting on Jesus to tell me to follow him and leave my office behind.

I want you to know that God wastes nothing. Everyone has a purpose.

Peter was skilled in using different tools and strategies to catch a different kind of fish. He was a hard worker and well trained. God placed him on that boat to equip him to fish on land!

Sis, don’t resent where you are, it will only prolong your journey. Embrace it, because it’s all working out for your good. His plans for your life are to prosper you and give you a future.

So, Peter’s moment finally came. His walking away from the boat was just the beginning. He went on to walk on water, he went against Jewish law and led gentiles to Christ. He messed up and rebuked Jesus and later denied him. Yet and still he never turned back.

When I left corporate after having our youngest daughter Rebekah, God opened a door for me to minister to others through the form of blogging. My moment had finally come. To most people, my decision seemed risky and unwise. But I was ready to get out of the boat.

I knew I was called for greater. There were moments where I questioned if I had what it took. Even now as God calls me deeper, I’m tempted to look at the wind as Peter did. But I’m not going back.

Now I’m going to ask you again Sis. How far are you willing to follow Jesus? Are you willing to stand your ground through adversity and temporary setbacks? Are you willing to leave your boat behind? Are you ready to walk on water? Now is the time Sis.





  1. Norma

    Thank you for this! Excellent question to think about.

    • Susan Tanyi

      I agree with you Norma, what a great question we should all think about.

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