God Hears Our Cries

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In my distress, I called to the Lord; I cried to my God for help. From his temple, he heard my voice; my cry came before him, into his ears.”-Psalm 18:6 

“Who is going to wipe my tears?” I remember vividly crying this out to God when I was feeling overwhelmed after being up late when my 2-year- old daughter wouldn’t go to sleep. She was restless and so was I. After several nights of my daughter’s shifting sleep pattern that I thought was stabilized, I was at my wits end. Sound familiar? I had given all that I could give within my own strength and I was tapped out. In my moment of desperation, God met me where I was. I didn’t have to sugarcoat or suppress my real emotions with God. God already knew. God just wants us to come.

Cry Out to the Lord Right Where You Are

When we draw closer to God, God will meet us where we are. Our daily prayers, conversations, and devotional times don’t have to be rehearsed, cleaned up, or filtered. God hears our joys and our cries, and still loves us. So, don’t hold back. Cry out to the Lord and let God restore, strengthen and renew you.

Have you ever felt intimidated by talking to God? Have you compared your prayers to others, and felt inadequate? There are times when I have felt that my prayers were not “good enough” because they weren’t long, filled with eloquent words, or a dramatic testimony.  However, God has reminded me that prayer is not a graded assignment with a rubric checklist, but an open invitation to talk with God. Unfiltered, genuine, and authentic.  In Psalm 18:6, David cried out to the Lord with boldness. When you pray, you have an opportunity to draw closer to God and know God as a friend.

Draw Close to God in Prayer

At times, you may feel that you are praying the same prayers to God, and that God is tired of hearing you.  Despite how many times you cry out to the Lord, the good news is that God will continually hear your prayers, and your prayers will never grow old to God. Keep crying out to the Lord.  God not only hears you, but desires for you to stay connected and close. Bring your brokenness to God and God will make you whole.

Cry out to the Lord with expectation.

Cry out to the Lord for your healing.

Cry out to the Lord to be filled with the Holy Spirit and new revelation.

Cry out to the Lord for your wholeness.

Cry out to the Lord to walk in freedom.

Our prayers don’t have to be neat and packaged in a bow.  Prayer is not a magic formula that involves a certain number of words, cadence, or assigned location. Cry out to the Lord with boldness, courage, and the desires of your heart, right where you are.  I invite you to cry out to the Lord ALL of your cares and don’t hold back. All of your joys, fears, dreams, desires, and anxieties are welcome and safe in the Master’s hands.  God created you, and knows exactly what you need before you come to Him. God has not forgotten about you and will continue to strengthen you as you trust in Him.


What is one area in your life that you will boldly cry out to the Lord in prayer for? Allow God to speak to you through scripture and remind you that He is with you every step of the way.


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