#God is Still Writing Your Story

by | Apr 23, 2021 | Faith, Women

The Difference Intervention Makes.

If the Lord hadn’t intervened, this story would have been one line: Mother and child found dead behind government quarters, February 13, 1955.  If Providence had not intervened, the story would be teen found in the alley – last seen with the Hells Angels. The cause of death was an overdose.  

If we could sneak a peek into God’s story for us, we would see His hand turning things around always for good. A neighbor found my mother and me just on time, and my uncle obeyed God and rescued me from the streets. He would introduce me to Jesus Christ, and from then on, the story is a love story. 

As a high school dropout, I passed the GED and joined the Women’s Army Corps during the Vietnam War. Although I signed up for Vietnam, the orders changed. After six months, I was one of the first women assigned to a combat unit. My uncle’s advice did me well: “Honey, don’t let the Army make you; you make the Army. 

Within the next twenty years, I got out of the Army, got married, got a college degree, and returned as an officer.  We would adopt two children and have our share of assignments. In 2000 I retired as a major. 

I prayed for the Lord’s direction – He directed me to Psalm 45:1. My heart overflows with a good them; I address my verses to the King; my tongue is the pen of a ready writer. So, I took that green light to speak/write as a ministry. Today I’m a teaching minister with the Assemblies of God and an advocate for Biblical literacy.  

My heart hurts when I think fewer people are reading the Bible even as more and more Bibles are published. Today, we Americans are biblically illiterate – meaning we lack adequate knowledge and skills in reading, understanding, and applying the Bible. My mission is to combat this lack of knowledge by teaching, writing, and introducing experience to bring back the minds and hearts of God’s people to His word.  Engaging in the Bible increases spiritual formation, strengths our faith, and liberates our knowledge of God. Rightly reading the Bible is personal and intimate. Sadly, the soul untouched by Sacred Scripture is emaciated. 

The God who intervened in my life has called me to encourage every listening Christian to go behind closed doors, enter the Secret Place, and capture the voice of God in Holy Text. 

The Lord intervened, and I am so grateful. No longer a child, a drug addict, or soldier, but I am and always will be an advocate for the Lord. 


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