Seasons Change, God’s Grace Remains

by | Jun 11, 2021 | Faith, Women

“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens:” Ecclesiastes 3:1 NIV

The 2020 pandemic taught and reminded me one valuable lesson: I am not in control. The comfort, community, and predictability that I have grown accustomed to came to a screeching halt. The effects of a global pandemic required immediate and drastic changes that were new, uncomfortable and unfamiliar. My family had to quickly pivot to doing almost everything virtually and find creative ways to stay connected with family and friends. For someone who loves connecting with others, not being able to spend time with family for the holidays or close friends in person was a tough pill to swallow.

Each day brought a new adventure and certain level of uncertainty.  It was a new season that my family and I had to navigate. Despite this new and uncomfortable season, one thing remained constant: God’s grace. God’s grace and mercy continues to cover and strengthen us each day, as we move forward. God’s grace keeps me hopeful when I am down and encouraged when I want to quit. While I was forced to surrender yet again to an unexpected new season, God’s grace and faithfulness remain constant. During the entire pandemic, I remained employed, had health insurance, spent more quality time with my family than ever before, and leaned on God more.

With no end in sight and the weight of the pandemic overwhelming, there were definitely days that felt hopeless. During those days, I remembered God’s faithfulness and grace that continued to cover me each day.

Through each new and unpredictable season, God’s unmerited grace will strengthen and keep you.

When you don’t understand or see a way forward, there is hope. God will continue to provide and equip you to accomplish the purposes He has for you.

While life will throw curveballs and go in unfamiliar situations, I invite you to not lose hope.

Celebrate and remember God’s faithfulness in your life as your source of hope for the future.

The same God that helped you overcome the challenges of your past will empower, sustain and give you hope for the present and the future.


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