#God is Still Writing Your Story

by | Apr 30, 2021 | Faith, Women

2020 truly became an eye-opening year for many. We embarked on a global pandemic, watched as racial injustices were on the forefront of our television screens and social media feeds, and let us not forget the political tensions interwoven between it all. 2020 was a lot to live through and we couldn’t even safely hug those we love while we went through it.


I watched as our world paused and we all saw how much we lacked control of the decisions and outcomes happening. As someone who has always been involved in many different organizations, I began to see the importance of being just as faithful in my resting as I had been in my doing.  Signing up for different things was easy for me, I almost felt like it was expected of me, but as each event and trip got canceled, I (like many of you) was forced to be still, forced to rest. I quickly realized how I had to be intentional to find joy in being still and knowing because true rest is a result of trusting that God was truly in control no matter the chaos that surrounded me.


God brought us back to what is really important in life. So in the midst of the chaos, I held on to hope. The confident hope in Jesus. As I became faithful in resting and trusting, I began to learn a lesson which was to stick to my assignment that the Lord has specifically set aside for me. I don’t need to run anyone else’s race but my own and even as good things come about, I have to be intentional on what this “yes” could mean to what I am saying “no” to. If it conflicts with what my focus needs to be on, then my “no” needs to be an opportunity for someone else to say “yes”.


This year, I am holding on to Psalm 32:8 “I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my loving eye on you.” I am believing for God to lead and provide. As I stick to His assignment for me, I believe His hands will graciously guide me to where I need to go.


I believe the Lord is showing us to seek Him first and above all else. Even those good things that come your way, to seek Him above it and watch what He can do in and through you.


Considering all we’ve been through, it is my prayer that as we come out of this pandemic one day that we would be committed to living a life of intentionality. I pray that many of us would be intentional to stick to the assignment God has graciously given us and watch as He anoints and blesses it through our obedience. God is doing something in the midst of all the chaos. Lean into Him this year about everything in your life – big and small, and be expectant of Him to move in your life at just the right time. ​


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