Hoping and Waiting – God is Still Writing Your Story

by | Jun 18, 2021 | Faith, Women

“If we hope for what we do not have, we wait for it patiently.” (Romans 8:25)

The terms “hope” and “wait” are often brought up together either directly or implied. Hope, by definition, suggests that one is waiting for something that has not yet happened. It is a feeling of anticipation that can be associated with a range of emotions such as frustration, excitement, and anxiety.  In fact, the very definition of faith given to us in Scripture includes the word hope (Heb 11:1).


Throughout this pandemic season, there has been a collective sense of hope that has been directly correlated with a mandate to wait. We wait for the opportunity to get together again. We wait for a time that we can travel freely again.  We wait for the day that we can return to school or return to work. We wait to simply return to normal. Now take a moment and replace the word “wait” in all these sentences with the word “hope.” It still applies, right?


So what do we do during a season of hoping and waiting? During this time, some have chosen to find new hobbies or to complete long intended projects. Some have chosen to dwell on all that is wrong, while others have chosen to only think of the positive. Some have chosen to spend their time complaining and some have chosen to spend their time praying. You see, for many of us, how we have handled this season has all been about choice. Scripture says that “if we hope for what we do not have, we wait for it patiently (Rom 8:25).” That is how we are to wait…patiently.


When this all began, we all thought our lives would be disrupted for a couple of weeks. That quickly changed to months and now it has been over a year. We do not know when we will fully get to the other side, but what we do know and can be confident in is that God knows. Despite all that is happening around us, God is still in control. While we are hoping for better days and while we are waiting for things to get back to normal we can place our faith in God. We should wait patiently for His plan to unfold and we should continue in what He has called us to do.


A few years ago, I wrote an outline for a book that I set aside. During the early days of the pandemic, I realized that while we were physically locked down, my calling was not.  It was time to release the message for mothers that God had placed on my heart years ago. The book, Mother of Honorable Distinction – Lessons from Elizabeth, highlights ten valuable lessons on overcoming our challenges to become women and mothers of faith, grace and favor. Elizabeth’s story is a story of hoping and waiting. Elizabeth was barren for many years, but eventually gave birth to none other than John the Baptist – the one who would prepare the way for Jesus. What may have appeared to Elizabeth as an extended period of waiting, turned out to be the perfect timeline for God’s perfect plan.


Take this time to reflect on what this period of hoping and waiting has meant for you. What are you waiting for God to do and what has He called you to do during this time? Remember, God always has a plan. We just need to have faith, place our hope in Him and wait patiently.



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