Hi There, I’m Susan!

I’m so glad that you stopped by to find out what The Empowered Mom community is all about. If you’re here, my guess is that, you’re probably a mom in the trenches of motherhood.

Whether you are a wife or a single mom, a mom of little ones or older, a stay at home, work from home or work outside of the home mom, or anything in between, you are busy making a difference in the lives of others everyday especially for the ones who call you Mom.

From the moment you wake up, you are on the go, managing your to do list but there’s always still more to be done. Every mom knows the feeling of struggling to juggle everything, trying to keep it together and wishing they were more hours in the day.

Being a mom in our present culture has a unique challenge because moms juggle so many different roles; at home you may be a wife, mother, cook, housekeeper, laundress, chauffeur, teacher, you get the point, the list is endless. Meanwhile at work, you may be an employee, a professional, corporate executive or an entrepreneur running your own business.

With so many demands pulling at moms every day, to say that motherhood is a challenge would be an understatement.

Make no mistake about it: motherhood is hard and it’s not for the faint of heart. It’s a beautiful journey, filled with breathtaking moments and beautiful memories, if we take time to notice and capture those moments.

Do you remember when you first became a mom? For some moms, it was when you held your newborn baby in your arms and couldn’t stop staring at them in awe of God’s beautiful work of creation.

That is a breathtaking moment. A snapshot of one of the most beautiful moments in your life. A beautiful memory no mom will ever forget no matter how old your child becomes. That beautiful moment is so engraved in your memory and brings a smile on your face and joy to your soul whenever you look at your child.

Yet nothing prepares you enough for the journey of motherhood.

A selfless, sacrificial and sacred calling that is hard work, overwhelming and pushes you to your limit. But that is exactly where God’s grace and strength is revealed. When you have gotten to the end of yourself and have nothing left to give. 2 Corinthians 12:9 says, “My grace is all you need. My power works best in weakness.”

Our dreams and expectations of motherhood are shattered in the face of reality because the truth is motherhood is very different from what most of us expected it would be.

In my journey of motherhood, I thought I was superwoman and could do it all. Until I got burned out, worn out and ready to give up. I was overcommitted and overwhelmed. Exhausted and expended. Stressed and stretched too thin. Depleted, feeling defeated and depressed. Anxious and restless. Can you relate?

I’ve been there and I know exactly how you feel. 

Do you find yourself asking…

  • How much more can I take?
  • How much longer can I keep going?
  • Will I ever find balance?
  • Why do I feel so alone in motherhood?
  • Is this all there is to life? What am I doing wrong?
Friend, you’re not alone!

I’m right there with you in the trenches of motherhood. And I too have asked so many questions as I wrestled with how to balance life as a mom who juggles so many different roles; a physician, wife and mom of three energetic kids.

It is very humbling to realize how weak I can be and that my strength can only take me so far. But how strong God is and that I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength. Philippians 4:13

We can not rely on our own strength because we need a special kind of strength for the journey for motherhood. So if you aren’t sure where to get the strength for the journey…

I invite you to join this gracefully broken mother of three who wants nothing more than to point you to the true wellspring of life and strength: Jesus!

He doesn’t require strength for the journey of motherhood, He offers it to anyone who truly wants His strength for the sacred calling of motherhood.

We must come to terms with our own weakness because that frees us. When we finally admit that we can’t do it on our own strength, knowledge or wisdom. And look to Jesus, we are set free. Free from the pressure we put on ourselves and the expectations of others. Free to fully embrace and enjoy the journey of motherhood, relying on God’s strength and wisdom, not ours.

The Purpose for The Empowered Mom Club

Friend, I would love nothing more than to get to know you. To know your struggles, failures and successes as a mom who juggles so many roles and tasks everyday. I want to hear all about your journey of motherhood. So pull up a chair, grab a cup of coffee and let’s chat!

First, I want you to know my heart for the Empowered Mom Club:

The Empowered Mom community is a safe place where my prayer is that other Moms like you and me, can let our guards down, be vulnerable and real with each other about our struggles in motherhood and life.

Friend, I want you to feel safe enough to be vulnerable and transparent about your failures in motherhood and not feel judged. The truth is, we’re not perfect or have it all together. So let’s take the pressure off ourselves and just be real with each other.

Our Purpose here at the Empowered Mom Club is to Encourage, Inspire and Support Moms like you in your Journey of Motherhood, so that you can Become Empowered for the Mission and Ministry of Motherhood.

I am not an expert in motherhood by any stretch, so let me free myself from any pressure, and you from unrealistic expectations.

I’m just a friend, a Mom like you, who wants to come alongside you in this journey, to grow in our walk with God, learn from each other and grow as women and Moms. Motherhood is hard, so don’t go it alone!

Before you go, thank you again for stopping by. I want to invite you to join our community of Empowered Moms as we rely on God’s Wisdom and Strength to help us navigate our calling as Moms with Grace, Joy, Purpose, Freedom, Resilience, and not just survive but Thrive in the journey of Motherhood.

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