Why Pray? The Necessity of Prayer

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“The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results.” ~ James 5:16 (NLT)

So Many Questions.

Is prayer really necessary? If so, why pray?

Isn’t God sovereign? Doesn’t that mean He accomplishes what He wants, when He wants? If so, why pray?

Is God’s will for us automatically guaranteed or is it linked to prayer and other factors?

Why does it often take so long to get a prayer answered? Why is persistence required?

What about spiritual warfare? If Satan is defeated and Christ has all authority, shouldn’t we just forget about the devil? Does God bind the devil or do we?

What about protection? Is everything that happens to me or my family simply allowed by God? Or is there something I need to do to secure our safety?

Is there a right time for answers to prayer or does the timing depend on me?

Are you getting tired of all these questions? You may be tired of asking yourself some of them. Many people have stopped asking questions long ago, and probably stopped praying too.

Please don’t do that!

Keep asking! The right answer begins with the right question. God is not offended by a sincere question. He loves an honest seeker, not a skeptic. Those who lack and ask for wisdom, He does not rebuke (James 1:5)


Why Pray? I Wonder.

Obviously, we ask because we want or need something. God has given us a Bible full of answers to the whys of life. But have you ever wondered;

Do my prayers really matter all that much?

Isn’t God going to do what He wants anyway? Many people believe this, even if subconsciously. The proof is in our prayer life, or lack thereof.

Can my prayers actually change things?

Does God need me to pray or does He just want me to pray?

Can God’s will on Earth and in my life be frustrated or not accomplished if I don’t pray?

Sometimes we’re afraid to ask these questions. But these questions deserve answers because understanding the why of doing something, can be a great motivating force.


Is Prayer Really Necessary?

The real question is: Does a sovereign, all powerful God need our involvement or not? If so, why? When God says, “Pray”, you and I want to know it will matter and make a difference.

If God is going to do something regardless of whether or not we pray, then He doesn’t need us to ask and we don’t need another waste of time.

If, on the other hand, John Wesley was right when he said, “God does nothing on the earth save in answer to believing prayer,” then that’s a wake up call for you and I.

Our prayers are necessary because they make a difference between life and death, heaven or hell for someone.

Our prayers can bring healing, break strongholds, change a nation and so much more.

I agree with E.M. Bounds when he said: “God shapes the world by prayer. The more praying there is in the world, the better the world will be, the mightier the forces against evil.”


God Works Through the Prayers of His People.

Without question, God needs our prayers because we are His link to authority and activity on the earth. That was God’s intention from the very beginning when he created Adam and Eve. In Genesis 1:26-28, God gave Adam and Eve, dominion over the earth and all creation.

God chose from the time of creation, to work on the earth through humans, not independent of us. Though God is sovereign, and all-powerful, scripture clearly tells us that He limited Himself concerning the affairs of earth, to working through human beings.

Throughout the Bible, God has worked through people, prophets, faithful men and women, to bring His will on the earth. God needs human hands to heal, human voices to speak and human feet to go fulfill His will.

So, if the world is a mess, it’s not because God wills it so, but because of His need to work and carry out His will through people.

Doesn’t He need us to ask for His Kingdom to come and His will to be done (Matt. 6:10)?

Didn’t He tell us to ask for our daily bread (Matt 6:11)? And yet, He knows our needs before we even ask.

Why then, am I supposed to ask God for something He already wants to do if it’s not that my asking somehow releases Him to do it?

That’s why our prayers matter. They are necessary to bring God’s will in our lives.

If that doesn’t make you want to pray more, then I don’t know what else would.


21-Days Prayer Challenge.

If God needs our prayers to bring His kingdom and His will in our lives, our families, our marriages, our children, our nation and so much more, then join us for 21-days (January 11th-31st) to commit this year to God in prayer – How to Turn Your Vision to Reality in 2021.

If Solomon was right, when he says, “Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and He will establish your plans” (Proverbs 16:3), then there’s no better way to start this year 2021 than by committing our plans to God.

I agree with James when he says, our prayers are very powerful and can accomplish much (James 5:16).


Will You Pray this Prayer with Me?

Father, we need more understanding of the necessity of prayer. We are tired of religious exercises that make us feel better but don’t produce any results. We are tired of a form of godliness without the power. Lord, it’s a bit discouraging when our prayers don’t seem to work. So as Your disciples did, Lord we say, “Teach us to pray.” Help us to understand that we are Your representatives on the earth. And You have given us authority to call forth Your Kingdom, so that Your will to be done on earth, as it is in Heaven. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.


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